Smart Architecture

The platform is be based on an open, multi-tier architecture with clear separation between the tiers, namely the presentation (for the user interface), the business rules (the middle tier) and the data tiers. It based on technologies that are industry standard. It is based on the following architectural principles:

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The wide range of products offers unique collaboration capabilities and significant advantages. Since the products can collaborate and exchange information data from down stream activities can easily feed upstream activities and vice-verse. For example, data collected for submissions over a period of a year can be used for better forecasting and planning. The actual resources used and time spent is tracked for the actual submissions and this can be leveraged to better plan and forecast submissions and resources in future. The planner also is able to leverage dependencies and help managers make better planning decisions to meet their goals.

The following are key architectural features of the Platform:

  • Web-based Interface with AJAX
  • Role Based Access Control
  • Integrated Reporting
  • Search
  • Life Cycle History and Audit Trails
  • Infrastructure Support
  • Regulatory/Quality Compliance