Compliance One

Quartica’s solutions portfolio is focused on handling clinical data and regulatory product information and includes a number of products and related services. The products are based on Quartica’s XML- based platform. Quartica’s product portfolio currently consists of the following:

All products are web-based products built on an open, extensible architecture and use common underlying infrastructural and business components

The solutions built using this platform fall into two categories:

Compliance Monitoring Solutions
Products under this category provide capabilities to convert, assemble, process, manage, quality control and transmission of data compliant with the agency regulations and standards. e.g., eCTD, SPL/PLR, PIM, RPS, eStability, etc.
Business Productivity Solutions
Products under this category provide capability to automate, streamline and/or complement existing submission business processes. These set of products help in portfolio planning, submission planning, submission tracking, resource allocation, document/content workflow (e.g., authoring to transmission to the FDA), safety and Adverse Event (AE) notifications, etc.
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