Efficiency Scenarios

Quartica's solutions portfolio is focused on handling clinical data and regulatory product information and includes a number of products and related services. The products are based on Quartica's XML- based platform. Quartica's product portfolio currently consists of the following:

All products are web-based products built on an open, extensible architecture and use common underlying infrastructural and business components

The solutions built using this platform fall into two categories:

Compliance Monitoring Solutions
Products under this category provide capabilities to convert, assemble, process, manage, quality control and transmission of data compliant with the agency regulations and standards. e.g., eCTD, SPL/PLR, PIM, RPS, eStability, etc.
Business Productivity Solutions
Products under this category provide capability to automate, streamline and/or complement existing submission business processes. These set of products help in portfolio planning, submission planning, submission tracking, resource allocation, document/content workflow (e.g., authoring to transmission to the FDA), safety and Adverse Event (AE) notifications, etc.
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The Platform is built using industry standard software development practicies. It offers a well defined API that can be used by developers to customize and build applications. The developers can leverage and consume the services offered by the platform and/or extend it to meet their own requirements. Since the platform is standards-based and leverages ISO, HL7, CDISC and other standards it insulates the developers from the changes to these standards and helps them focus on developing applications to meet their business needs. The platform also offers development tools that faciliatate ease of development and maintenance of the applications. These development tools include

  • Form Wizard

    provides WYSIWYG drag and drop capability to create rich Web 2.0/ AJAX user interfaces based on standards.

  • Code Generator

    provides capability to generate a data model and automate component and database level code generation.

  • Business Rules Manager

    provides capability to manage and inject business rules based on DTDs, Schemas and others.

  • Report Designer

    provides capability to generate reports in industry standard format.

  • Stylesheet Designer

    provides capability to design a stylesheet or apply stylesheet to render content to a specific format.

  • Workflow Designer

    provides capability to configure design and apply workflows.